Tuesday, January 29, 2019

It's A Girl Thing Awareness Blog Hop is Almost Here!

It's almost here! 
The Mega Blog Hop with lots of prizes!

Turner Syndrome is a genetic disorder where a female is born with only one X chromosome, instead of two, leaving her with life-long medical issues and learning disabilities. 

Nineteen caring Sponsors have partnered with us to bring Turner Syndrome Awareness to the Public. 

Eleven talented and caring designers are offering prizes on their personal blogs as well:

Each designer was asked to use a few of the official TS colors in their creations:

Please come back on February 1 for more information and fun!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

February is Turner Syndrome Awareness Month

Why is Awareness Month Important?
February 1 officially marks the start of Turner Syndrome Awareness Month! While it’s important to raise awareness for Turner Syndrome all year long, February is a chance to do a little more!
Everyone wants to raise awareness for a different reason because each Turner Syndrome story is so unique. Caregivers searching for ways to share a diagnosis are probably here for different reasons than a woman looking for adult resources. Or maybe you want to support someone affected by TS in your life. No matter what brought you here, it’s safe to say that we all want to raise awareness and make an impact for the future of Turner Syndrome care.
Awareness Month is so important because it is an opportunity for our community to come together. One person can make a tremendous impact, but together we can bring awareness to Turner Syndrome on a national scale!
Awareness Month 2019: Awareness in Action
This Awareness Month, we’re celebrating the power of one! If one person takes one action, the impact can be incredible! February is a special opportunity to show the world why Turner girls are amazing and why it’s important to recognize the signs of this condition that’s often misdiagnosed. Will you take a stand with us?

By participating in the "It's a Girl Thing" ~ Turner Syndrome Awareness Blog Hop you are helping to spread information and awareness of Turner Syndrome!!  I appreciate each and every one of you who are standing with me to spread awareness!!  Thank you so very much!!


Friday, January 4, 2019

"It's a Girl Thing" Turner Syndrome Awareness Inaugural Blog Hop

Hello Everyone!!

If you have just heard about Turner Syndrome or the Turner Syndrome Awareness Inaugural Blog Hop going on the first week of February 2019 ~  I would like to welcome you to this blog! 

My daughter, Julie, was born with Turner Syndrome.  Over the years we have found that not many people know about Turner Syndrome and I have made it my mission to make the world aware of this Genetic Condition in the hopes that more research will  be done about Turner Syndrome and the life long effect it has on females!  

Why am I doing a Blog Hop in February??  Because February is Turner Syndrome Awareness Month!!

Please look around this blog!!  

Thanks for stopping by!