Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Turner Syndrome Awareness Card Auction


Hello Fellow Crafters,

Today I am sharing about the Turner Syndrome Awareness Card Auction! 

For the last several years, I’ve been running the Turner Syndrome (TS) Awareness Card Auction as a fundraiser for TSF. As part of the Card Making Community, I know Card Designers from all over the world who donate their handmade cards for the Auction. These cards are made with love to help support TSF and our mission to improve the lives of TS females!  

Cards are Special

Today we live in a "throw-away" society where it’s more convenient to send a text or email rather than sitting down and writing out a card; but is it the same thing? 

When you receive a text wishing you “Happy Birthday,” do you get the same warm fuzzy feeling when opening a card with a handwritten note inside? Once you read the text, its moment has ended. But a handwritten card is special

Imagine going to your mailbox and finding an envelope with a loved one's handwriting on it. You immediately recognize the writing and a smile comes across your face. When you read what they wrote inside, it’s like getting a big warm hug from them! It means the person who sent it to you took the time to pick out a card, write something in it, and address the envelope.

Why Buy From the TSF Card Auction?

You might be wondering, why should I buy a card from the TS Awareness Card Auction rather than a Big Box store? 

There is no comparison between a beautiful handmade card to a mass produced card. Every piece of the handmade card is an artist sharing their unique craft compared to a machine printing out cards by the hundreds.

Card Designers are taking time out of their day, using their costly supplies, and making cards filled with love for the benefit of TSF!! Whether it’s a stamped image that they lovingly colored, or cutting out and piecing together various elements harmoniously, time and effort go into each part of the card. Handmade cards are precious as "one-of-a-kinds," which makes them interesting and unique!

It’s about imagination, crafting skills, and love. Why put money into the pockets of corporate companies when buying a card from the auction keeps TSF alive and supports individuals with TS? 

In our fast-paced computerized world, we have lost touch of this beautiful sentimental art. So let's revive the lost art of sending cards to our family and friends. Let them know you love and appreciate them!

Please consider buying a card or two from the auction to show your support for TSF and our generous Card Designers who donate their handmade crafts! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this year can be a little more special and unique just like your loved ones. Or prepare for your favorite holiday in the future! Each card is a work of art, an act of love, and another step forward in supporting women with Turner syndrome.

Here is a link to the TS Awareness Card Auction:

Thanks so much for stopping by!