Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Turner Syndrome and Giving Tuesday


 Hello Friends!!

Happy Giving Tuesday!!  Giving Tuesday is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving here in the United States.  It is widely acknowledges as "global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and oragnizations to transform their communities and the world".  

So on this Giving Tuesday I am asking you to give with your heart to the Turner Syndrome Foundation so that they can continue to do the excellent work of providing education of Turner Syndrome and its many medical affects to families and doctors alike.

Giving Tuesday is a day to support girls and women, like my Julie, who live with Turner syndrome.  Every 8 minutes a girl is born.  Your support can help us continue this work in 2024.

Julie and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!




Wednesday, August 23, 2023

TS Awarness "Kickoff the Holidays" Card Auction


Hello Friends!!

Today I am sharing a Halloween card I made for the Turner Syndrome Awareness "Kickoff the Holidays" Card Auction that I am hosting for the benefit of the Turner Syndrome Foundation, here in New Jersey!  It is a "Mission of Love" for me since my oldest daughter, Julie, was born with TS.  Over her 35 years we have encountered many doctors and educators who were not knowledgeable about TS and I feel that Julie missed out on important care because of this ~ so I am trying to bring as much awareness to TS as I can in hopes that the medical and education fields will do some much needed research on how TS affects females throughout their lifetimes.  

I host the card auction as a fundraiser for TSF because I think they are a wonderful organization that does great things for TS individuals and their families while running solely on donations!  So this fundraiser is my way of giving back and helping to keep the doors of TSF open for everyone!

Here is one of my cards that I am putting in the Card Auction:

I absolutely LOVE making Halloween cards and I had a blast making this one!

The TS Awareness "Kickoff the Holidays" Card Auction will be held on the Givebutter Auction site, below is the link to the site:


You will have to register with the site to be able to view the cards in the auction.  They will ask you for your credit card information ~ but they will not charge you unless you are the highest bidder on one of the fabulous cards in the auction!  They are all made and donated by card makers from all over the world and they are all so very talented!  Please show them and TSF some love and bid with your heart!

I hope you will stop by and see the amazing cards and if you find one that you love ~ Please bid on it!  Why buy from a big box card store when you can donate and get a one of kind card made with love!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, July 22, 2023

Turner Syndrome Awareness Holiday Card Auction

Hello Friends,

With the economy tanking the Turner Syndrome Foundation is in need of donations to keep their doors open and to continue with their mission so as a "Spur of the Moment" decision I decided to Host a Kickoff the Holidays  ~ TS Awareness Holiday Card Auction for the benefit of the Turner Syndrome Foundation.  

We will be auctioning cards for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and News Years!  All the money will go directly to the TSF.  For this card auction I am testing out an auction site to see if the process can be streamlined.  I am holding it over the Labor Day Weekend!  It will start on Friday, September 1st at 9:00 am EST on the new auction site and end on Tuesday, September 5th at 9:00 am EST.

If anyone is interested in donating any homemade Holiday cards please contact me at:  mulchlady6@gmail.com 

Thanks for stopping by!



Wednesday, February 1, 2023


 Hello Friends!!

Happy Turner Syndrome Awareness Month!!  Turner Syndrome is very near and dear to me and I do my best to spread awareness of TS for my TS Butterfly Julie and all the other TS Butterflies!  They deserve to get the best medical care and the best education and without the knowledge of TS these fields can't help them as much as they deserve! So I will continue on in my mission to bring awareness of TS to the world!

And that brings me to another thing that is near and dear to me and that is the Turner Syndrome Awareness Card Auction that I host for the benefit of the Turner Syndrome Foundation! 

The card auction is a collaboration between me and Card Designers all over that world that make cards filled with LOVE and HOPE and donate them for the auction with all the donations going directly to the Turner Syndrome Foundation!  The Card Designers are the Best of the Best people on Earth!  I truly love them with all my heart because they are helping with my mission!  I hope you will take a minute or 20 to stop by the card auction and see all the love in these cards and open your heart and your wallets and make a bid on one of the cards!  You can go to the card auction with this link:  https://www.instagram.com/mulchlady6/

Here are a couple of cards I made specifically for the card auction and TS Butterflies:

Turner Syndrome is all about the Quirk X chromosome ~ either the females are born missing their whole or partial second X chromosome and that is at the root of the syndrome!  So our TS theme for 2023 is The X Factor!

Thanks so much for stopping by and don't forget to stop by the TS Awareness Card Auction!!

Lots of love,