Saturday, September 10, 2022

The X Factor ~ Turner Syndrome Awareness Card Auction for February 2023


Hello Turner Syndrome Families and Friends!!

I hope this email finds you happy and healthy!  I am writing to you today about my mission to continue to bring Awareness of Turner Syndrome to the world and to help the Turner Syndrome Foundation to continue to do more programs to educate the public, the medical field and educators to the ways the partial or complete missing X chromosome impacts the girls and women with TS!    The Turner Syndrome Foundation is a non-profit and the Card Auction is a huge source of funds 
I will be hosting the Turner Syndrome Awareness Card Auction again in February 2023.  I am asking all of my faithful and new Card Designers to help me make the TS Awareness Card Auction a huge success by making and donating a card for the auction.  The card can be for any occasion and must include an envelope.  You can either mail the card out to the highest bidder after I receive proof of their donation or you can mail the card to me ahead of time and I will mail it out to the winner after their donation is confirmed.
The TS Card Auction will take place on my Instagram account at:  @mulchlady6 and I will need a photo of your card by January 10th so I can start posting photos of the cards onto the instagram page.  
I would like to update you on something that Julie and I enjoyed this summer.  TSF had a Picnic at Liberty Lake in NJ for Turner Syndrome females and  their families and Julie and I went to it and had a wonderful time!  We got to meet many TS Butterflies and I have to tell you that Turner Syndrome affects each individual female differently!  But one quality is dominant in that these girls and women are happy and social individuals!  It was a wonderful event and I hope to see more events like this in the future!!
So please give some thought to donating a card or two for this Card Auction!  I really appreciate your continued support and I could never do this auction without the caring and generosity of all the wonderful card designers in the card making community!

Thanks so very much for all you do to help make the world a better place!

Here is a photo of us leaving to go to the TS Liberty Lake Picnic!

If you or someone you know would like to make and donate a card for this Turner Syndrome 
Awareness Card Auction please get in touch with me at:

Big Hugs,