Monday, July 22, 2019

How To Create a Permalink for the Inlinkz Tool

Hi, Everyone!
This is a directive to the Design Team.
In order to use the Inlinkz Tool (curtesy of Darlene Pavlic) we must use Permalinks. These are the URL addresses that will be active in the future.
They are NOT the same thing as your blog's home address.

A Permalink allows visitors to go directly to your blog POST.
These are the steps for obtaining your permalink in a Blogger blog.

Go to your Blogger draft.

On the draft-side (aka "back side") of your blog,
create a title that says TURNER SYNDROME AWARENESS BLOG HOP.

On the right side bar under the options for PUBLISH - SAVE - PREVIEW - CLOSE
you will see an orange phrase called POST SETTINGS.
Beneath it are:

to obtain a permalink:

1. SCHEDULE your advance date and time in the schedule section.

2. Click on the PUBLISH orange option at top (above post settings)

3a. Click PERMALINK. (under Post Settings)

3b) The Permalink is visible in gray.

4) Using Copy-and-Paste technique copy your link.

5) Close your page (top right).

6a) Go to the Inlinkz here.

6b) Go to the next available spot at the Inlinkz Tool and add your name and PASTE the permalink you copied from your blog:

7) Choose the option to obtain a photo from YOUR COMPUTER ("upload") not directly from your blog. (this is because your blog post has not yet been published, so the linky cannot find it).

Finish your upload, and now your specific address will be available for the Blog Hop, and your photo is in the Inlinkz.

Thank you for participating!
Donna & Lori

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