Sunday, February 24, 2019

Spreading the Word about Turner Syndrome!!

Hello Blogging Friends!!

I am more determined then ever to get the word out about Turner Syndrome!!  I have been on a high since the "It's A Girl Thing" Turner Syndrome Awareness Blog Hop knowing that we made so many more people aware of Turner Syndrome and the many ways that it can affect girls and women lives! 

Yesterday I went to a local Scrapbooking Crop and I brought my cards and all the lovely cards that people sent me to sell for the benefit of the Turner Syndrome Foundation.  Well I stand up to explain that I am selling these cards with all the money going to the TSF and again no one there had heard of TS before except for the people that already know me!  No one asked questions as a group, but ladies came up to me during the day while I was scrapping and quietly asked me what is Turner Syndrome and then were shocked that they had never heard of it before!  Needless to say that took the wind out of my sails and has made my mission of educating the world about TS even more important!

So I am going to start planning the 2020 Turner Syndrome Awareness Blog Hop and I am hoping that it will be bigger then this year and that we can reach so many more people!  I appreciate all of you who participated this year and especially those of you who are already on board for the 2020 Blog Hop!!  I even have some Sponsors saying they will be a Sponsor again in 2020!!

Big Hugs,



  1. Well done this is amazing. Take care. Hugs Jackie

    1. Thank Jackie!! Would you like to participate with us in 2020??

  2. I applaud you for doing this journey and spreading the word about Turner's Syndrome.

  3. Hey Lori, thank you for the previous hop, I learnt so much & haven't stopped telling people about what I've learnt from you, your daughter & many of those awesome girls & ladies. Here's to 2020 I will be with you x

  4. Awesome, thanks for sharing and educating!

  5. I think what you are doing is very effective Lori!! I am wondering how many you've reached all over the world. If you'll have me, I'm in for 2020!!! Hugs to you - Happy Easter and happy Spring ;)